Piano Moving World, LLC

Professional Piano Moving Company

  • Grand piano move by Garret Reuter and Kenny Jordan in Downtown Chicago, Illinois
  • Grand piano wrapped and strapped to the piano board by Garret Reuter in Downtown Chicago, Illinois
  • Grand piano being secured against the wall of the trailer by Garret Reuter in Downtown Chicago, Illinois

Piano Moving World is a professional, insured and bonded company that specializes in a variety of piano-related services, such as transportation, storage and disposal.

If you’re looking to move your piano within your home, or maybe across the country, look no further. We offer quality piano transportation service that meets your local and long-distance needs.

If you’re renovating your house, or temporary relocating to a different one, and not sure what to do with your music instrument, don’t worry. We also offer short- and long-term piano storage in a humidity- and climate-controlled piano storage facility where pianos are kept safely.

If you no longer want your piano and have a hard time finding a new owner for it, just give us a call. We offer piano disposal service as well.

If you’re looking to buy a piano for your child, we have a perfect piano you’ll love. Check out our spinet piano store online.

Upright & Grand Piano Transportation

  • Our truck trailer for carrying pianos
  • Custom-made heavy-duty enclosed trailer to move grands and uprights
  • Our tools & equipment to move uprights and grands
  • Two grands in the trailer
  • Chicago local piano movers and a baby grand on a dolly
  • Disassembling a baby grand at a customer's home in Chicago suburbs

Our piano transportation service is at your convenience and safety. We handle every stage of the process from packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking. Every piece of cargo is treated with care and respect. For our local or interstate moving services, feel free to reach out to us at 847-907-1821

Upright Pianos for Sale

  • Kimball upright piano for sale in the Greater Chicago Area, Illinois
  • Wurlitzer upright piano for sale in the Greater Chicago Area, Illinois
  • Story & Clark upright piano for sale in the Greater Chicago Area, Illinois
  • Baldwin for sale

Currently, our piano store offers a nice collection of spinets for sale. In the course of our work, we pick up great pianos that have been well taken care of and can be bought at a reasonable price by customers. Our pianos pass rigorous inspection for damages and are deep cleanedstained and polished to ensure they’re ready for resale. Quality is ensured, and delivery within 50-mile radius and under 5 steps is included in the price. Trust us, we’ll be happy to deliver your piano on any day and at any time of your choice. Please view the photos of our spinets online, or contact us at 8479071821 or pianomovingworld@gmail.com to see them in person at our piano storage facility in Oak Forest, Illinois.

Climate-Controlled Piano Storage

  • Garret Reuter, CEO, inside the piano storage unit in Oak Forest, Illinois
  • Customers' pianos stored inside the piano storage facility in Oak Forest, Illinois

We also handle piano storage! Our piano movers do the packing, wrapping, loading and storing from spinet to concert grand pianos. Just sit back and watch! Our movers store pianos at our piano storage unit with the highest level of attention. Our piano storage is priced at $50 per week or $150 per month. To take advantage of our piano storage service, get in touch with us at 847-907-1821 or pianomovingworld@gmail.com!

Piano Removal

  • Removing pianos in Maywood, Illinois
  • Removing pianos for the City of Chicago

We offer piano disposal service as well. Our movers can remove various pianos and organs to make more space at your place. Just leave it up to us if you wish your music instrument to be gone. For more information on pricing, contact us at 847-907-1821 or pianomovingworld@gmail.com!

Price Estimate of Our Services

To accurately estimate the cost of your piano move, storage or disposal, please let us know what size or type of piano it is, what locations are involved, how many stairs there are and how soon you’re looking for service.

For a baby grand piano or a grand piano, we need to know its length. For an upright piano, we need to know its height. Please note that player pianos are heavier than acoustic ones, so we need to be aware of that, too.

If you provide the addresses of the locations involved, we can look up the entrance and exterior stairs online. For interior stairs, we request photos of your piano as well as stairs with a good view of the landings. Please send them to us at pianomovingworld@gmail.com.

When it comes to scheduling, you can get in touch with us weeks, days or just a couple of hours in advance. As long as you have a date and time in mind, we’ll work around your schedule. For any further questions, please give us a phone call at 847-907-1821!

Our Piano Movers

  • Chicago piano movers
  • Our nationwide USA piano movers
  • Our interstate USA piano movers

One of the biggest mistakes people make is handling a piano move or piano storage all on their own. A piano can be a family heirloom, passion, or simply a room decoration. Regardless which purpose it serves, our number one priority is to keep not only your piano safe but you as well. We know best what it takes to get a job well done! This is one thing that we specialize in, handling piano moves and piano storage, and we’ll get you the results you’re after.

Piano Moving World is your professional piano transportation and piano storage company with a mission to serve the greater Chicago area and surrounding states. Our guys can move or remove pianos from anywhere, whether from an apartment, office, home, or condominium. We carry the best tools to get the job done correctly, efficiently, and on time! Our team of professionals have years of experience in how to pack, unpack and store uprights and grand pianos, ensuring your music instrument makes it to its final destination in the same condition in which it left. To book your piano move, or piano storage, or piano disposal with us, please reach out to us at 847-907-1821 or pianomovingworld@gmail.com to hire us today!

  • Piano Moving World started in 2018 by Garret Reximillian Reuter
  • Piano Moving World Owned by the Reuter Family
  • Grace Maldutyte & Garret Reuter, Business Partners